Sunday, May 25, 2008

My 'XP' with Windows 2008

I installed Windows 2008 Server on my PC last night. It took a bit of configuring before it would run because Microsoft got a little too paranoid when building this version of Winows. The first thing I did was enable the Desktop Experience feature and then startup the Theme service, which provides the Vista look and feel to the environment (after Personalizing the desktop to set the theme and the appearance). I then had to get the wireless working and although the wireless adapter shows up as a network device, it doesn't detect any networks till you actually enable the Wireless LAN feature - yes, that's right, for the uninitiated, troubleshooting the lack of wireless connectivity can be very frustrating. Lucky for me, it was Google to the rescue. Anyway, I then got rid of the Internet Explorer Security Configuration from the Server Manager in the security section and installed the rest of the drivers for my Lenovo 3000 N100 notebook PC and I was off.

My experience with Windows 2008 has been good so far and there aren't any major setbacks to adopting Windows 2008 as my full-time OS. I guess I'll have to use it for a few weeks before I can form an opinion about it.

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