Friday, September 12, 2008

When the designer.cs bites back

A couple of minutes ago, I replaced a few Button controls with ImageButtons in an ASP.NET application and decided to roll them back using the VSS rollback feature. Everything should be back to normal, right? Well, I rolled back the ASPX files. The application keeps displaying an error for the designer.CS files for each of the pages because the type of the control defined in the designer.cs file does not match the type declared in the .aspx file. I opened the page in Visual Studio, switched from source view to design view and it worked for a page so I tried to do it for the other pages. However, Visual Studio decided to hang on me after the first page. I then just gave up on it and went to the designer.cs file to manually change the types. I think I’m beginning to like the Web Site project better than the Web Application project in Visual Studio.

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