Saturday, October 11, 2008

MS AJAX Bandwidth Hog

There are times when you think the MS AJAX implementation is simply amazing as it's so simple to drag-and-drop controls from the toolbar into an UpdatePanel and have them automagically work without refreshing the whole page.

Then you start to realize how much bigger your page gets due to all the client scripting libraries that show up as ScriptResource.axd and WebResource.axd.

For Intranet applications, it isn't all that much of a deal since you're on a 100Mbps LAN and don't care since you've got enough bandwidth to stream a video of the server's display while stuff runs locally on the server (okay, so that's a bit silly). However, while server Internet clients, you can't expect all of your users to have high speed connections and you'll end up paying a fortune for bandwidth costs.

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