Sunday, April 5, 2009

An Architect Is...

I came across this on a set of slides on SlideShare, but only one of the seven slides had actual content so instead of embedded the entire presentation, I just posted this text:

Accepting my responsibility as an architect, I will strive daily to learn and perfect my trade.

Readily will I defend my organization’s I.T. investments from complexity, our greatest enemy.

Changing requirements will not break my design for it will be flexible and able to change with the requirements.

Helping developers to understand the reasons for the architecture and seeking their input is of great importance to our success.

I will never use acronyms or suggest technologies that are not pertinent to the problem at hand.

Technologies evolve and I know that solid architectures should accommodate and enable these evolutions.

Every day, I will strive to help our software achieve ideals that will make it flexible and easy to maintain.

Concern for the success of my organization’s I.T. investments will drive me to make appropriate decisions.

Teaching others about my trade will be an overarching responsibility that I accept as a part of my duties.

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