Monday, October 14, 2013

Ubuntu 13.04 Remixes: The Feeling of 'Old' With 13.10 Around The Corner

The release of WattOS last week didn't really get much attention, with the distribution based on Ubuntu 13.04. It may be a stable operating system but with Ubuntu 13.10 just around the corner, having to work with something that is based on Ubuntu 13.04 just gives a feeling of working with old, legacy technology, something that many information technology professionals would like to avoid.

Having said that, there are programmers who still have to deal with Visual Basic 6 source code because of maintenance contracts that were formed by the firms that they work for so there is little that they can do to get away from the drudgery. There still are programmers out there whose primary skill is COBOL programming and every day they get to their offices, they hook up to a mainframe and get started with work.

There are some folk in the I.T. world who still have not given up on old technologies because they didn't want to make the shift. Windows 7 users, Gnome 2 users, and Python 2 programmers are only some of the information technology professionals who decided that they didn't want to adopt an entirely different approach to the way they have been doing things.

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