Sunday, July 13, 2008

My 100th Post and My Modified Template

This is my 100th blog post!!!

After having been around this long on, I decided it was time to have a custom template applied - the stock templates aren't very appealing and so I just had to seriously consider getting some mods.

Modifying these templates is a bit of a challenge so I started off with one and modified it a bit to get this end result.

Instead of working with the template file directly, I download my blog page (complete) using Firefox and then use DreamWeaver to modify the CSS classes and see the results. When I like what I see, I copy across the CSS classes to the template and upload the template.

If I had to deal with the XML template directly, I'd have to chart everything out on a piece of paper to determine what goes where. That's sooo not what I'd like to do.

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