Saturday, August 9, 2008

The 7 Dirtiest Jobs in I.T. has an article on the 7 dirtiest jobs in I.T. linked from their article on the return of COBOL. They are:

7. Legacy Systems Archaeologist
Supporting legacy systems, such as those written in COBOL

6. Help Desk Zombie
Desktop support involving interaction with end users

5. On-site Reboot Specialist
Handling end-user issues by getting into dusty, less-than-hospitable environments; usually involves travelling even in summer heat

4. Interdepartmental Peace Negotiator
I.T. project managers mediating between I.T. teams and clients, although sometimes it is within the same firm

3. Enterprise Espionage Engineer (Black Ops)
Social engineering to get access to data or something malicious, with a white hat of course

2. Datacenter Migration Specialist
Systems administration & networking staff moving around dusty servers

1. Sludge Systems Architect
Systems administrators who have to put their hands into sewage sludge

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