Friday, August 8, 2008

A New Interface For

Last week, got a make-over. Yahoo decided to change the interface and the social bookmarking site just got a flavor of Web 2.0. Why Yahoo, you're wondering? Yeah, they took over way back in December 2005. It didn't seem very Yahoo-ish so users had no way to tell. The site has also been re-branded from "" to "delicious".

The new interface reminds me a bit about Digg, with the number of users who bookmarked a link. Although they now claim that the system has been designed for efficiency and to handle a greater load, I can't really tell because as soon as I tried to go to the settings page, they freakin' blocked me! (see screenshot below)

I guess it'll take them a while to iron out the bugs. I wonder why they wanted to fix something that wasn't broken, especially since they didn't Yahoo-ize it.

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