Wednesday, December 24, 2008

TortoiseSVN Checkout URL

If you've got a whole lot of SVN repositories that you access but don't have the Einstein-like brain to remember the location of all of them, you ought to create a webpage on your I.T. intranet portal with the location of all the repositories that you work with. If you use TortoiseSVN as your SVN client, you can turn the locations into hyperlinks that users can click on by adding a "tsvn:" as a prefix to the location in the HREF attribute.

I have an SVN repository located at http://nitinwritescode/svn/RedInk so the HTML that I write up looks like this:
<title>SVN Repositories</title>
<h1>SVN Repositories</h1>

<a href="tsvn:http://nitinwritescode/svn/RedInk">Click here</a>


When I click the link, I get the following dialog box from TortoiseSVN

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