Saturday, January 3, 2009

Installing Ubuntu 8.10

For a while, I've been trying out Ubuntu 8.10 from the DVD without installing it to my hard disk and it seemed to be pretty stable. Today, I finally decided to take the leap.

I started off with 2 NTFS partitions that took up the entire hard disk space so I had to resize one of the NTFS partitions to get some space. I thought I'd use PowerQuest Partition Magic 8.0 from one of my really old CDs, but it didn't seem to recognize my 2nd NTFS partition. Perhaps Partition Magic 8 chokes on large partition sizes or something of the sort.

Anyway, I decided to give Ubuntu's resizer a shot. It worked quite well and my NTFS partitions are still fine, so I guess I'll be using it for all of my future installations.

Setting up wireless was a breeze! As soon as I logged in, Ubuntu displayed a bubble indicating it found some wireless networks so I entered my WEP key and I was connected in a few seconds. I had to do an "apt-get update" to refresh its lists before it could recognize the monodevelop package, which was pretty easy to install with "apt-get install monodevelop". I then used the GUI to upgrade some other packages. After getting accustomed with "apt-get", I don't really miss "yum". They're pretty much the same.

I'll probably post more about Ubuntu after I install some new stuff. Until then, do post a comment about your experience with Ubuntu 8.10 that you would like to share.

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