Thursday, January 1, 2009

Microsoft Zune Players Hang On Boot

Many reports of Microsoft Zune players (the 30GB model, thought some reports have also been coming in about the 80GB model) hanging on the boot at midnight Pacific Standard Time on 31st December 2008.

A possible solution has been posted on The Register:

Use a small screwdriver to pop off the plastic shielding where the zune cable plugs into and remove the two screws on either side of the plug. Next pop the cover off and locate the battery plug at the top left corner of the zune, using your screw driver, pop the cable connection half way off, and do this to the other plug on the right side. Wait 3 seconds, then push down the right connector and then the left battery connecter. Your zune should start up immediately. Press the backing of the zune down (make sure headphone jack is aligned) and put the screws and cover back in place.

UPDATE: Microsoft has posted the following solution:

Follow these steps:

1. Disconnect your Zune from USB and AC power sources.
2. Because the player is frozen, its battery will drain—this is good. Wait until the battery is empty and the screen goes black. If the battery was fully charged, this might take a couple of hours.
3. Wait until after noon GMT on January 1, 2009 (that's 7 a.m. Eastern or 4 a.m. Pacific time).
4. Connect your Zune to either a USB port on the back or your computer or to AC power using the Zune AC Adapter and let it charge.

Once the battery has sufficient power, the player should start normally. No other action is required—you can go back to using your Zune!


Bhupendra said...

Never open right hand side jumper if you are not expert electronics mechanic. I did it and its cable poped up, which I can never fix. It seems I lost my 30GB zune forever.

BAPU Rocks !!! said...

hi..i m 30gbzune owner with sme problem...i m not an expert electronic mechanica..then what is the other alternative solution??

Anonymous said...

Simply let it discharge and wait until tommorow. It's a know issue and will go away after midnight GMT.

Do not open the device as described here.. Just let it discharge and then hookitup to USB tommorow.

Nitin R.K. said...


I've updated the post with the solution Microsoft has posted on the Zune support website, along with the link.