Saturday, January 3, 2009

iPhone SDK is MacOS-only

I came across the iPhone SDK on the Apple website some time back, so I thought I'd finally go register and download it. It turns out that the iPhone SDK is only available for Mac OS X users but I only run Windows and Linux :-(

That is sooo unfair! I just bought an iPhone from them and now I have to buy their MacBook if I want to write free software and promote the iPhone?

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SG said...

Surprised? What did you expect? From the Windows perspective: as a Mac user getting your hands on a Windows Mobile phone means no SDK for Mac OS X. Unfair? No, it's just not practicable. All Mac OS X libs needed to write code for the iPhone would have to be ported to Windows which is just not feasible. The same is true for Windows Mobile development on the Mac where .NET (and CF, of course) will have to be ported to Mac. I do not see chances for this to happen anytime.